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The Limpopo Economic Development Agency (LEDA) is established in terms of the Limpopo Development Corporation Act, Act No.5 of 1994, as amended.

It complies with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) as a Schedule 3D Agency.

It was established as a special economic and development vehicle, culminating in the amalgamation of four agencies; namely:

  • Trade and Investment Limpopo
  • Limpopo Business Support Agency
  • Limpopo Agribusiness Development Corporation
  • Limpopo Economic Development Enterprise

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About Limpopo


Limpopo is the northernmost province of South Africa. It is named after the Limpopo River, which forms the province’s western and northern borders. The name “Limpopo” has its etymological origin in the Ndebele language, the original inhabitants of the area, meaning “strong gushing waterfalls”. The capital is Polokwane, (formerly Pietersburg).

The province was formed from the northern region of Transvaal Province in 1994, and was initially named Northern Transvaal. The following year, it was renamed Northern Province, which remained the name until 2003, when it was formally changed to Limpopo after deliberation by the provincial government and amendment of the South African Constitution.

Known for

Known as the Great North, Limpopo is land of legend. Ruins and relics abounds in ancient forests, sparkling trout waters, hot mineral springs and waterfalls. Much of it has remained unchanged for centuries, offering unlimited opportunities in Limpopo for the enjoyment of untamed Africa. Limpopo is home to ancient lands and pre-historic secrets. This is home to Modjadji, the fabled Rain Queen, the Stone Age and Iron age relics of Makapansgat Valley and the treasures of Mapungubwe that date back to time immemorial.

Limpopo celebrates a rich cultural heritage and at many archaeological sites the mysteries of the past are still being discovered. Historians reveal that the first black Africans moved across the great Limpopo before 300 AD. The Voortrekkers arrived in Limpopo in the early nineteenth century and numerous battles between the indigenous African people and the Voortrekkers took place. Then, during the apartheid regime, portions of the land in Limpopo were divided up into what then became known as ‘homeland’ areas.


The province is a typical developing area, exporting primary products and importing manufactured goods and services. It is also one of the poorest regions of South Africa with a big gap between poor and rich residents, especially in rural areas.

Mining continues to be biggest contributor to provincial Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at 24.5%. The number of jobs in this sector reached more than 100 000 in 2018, up from just over 70 000 in 2013. With several big new projects underway, a significant number of new jobs will be created in the short term.

Tourism is seen as one of the biggest potential earners (and employers) with almost limitless potential. The sector within tourism that is receiving the most attention from authorities at the moment is biodiversity, but there are equally unrivalled opportunities in adventure tourism, culture and heritage, birding, golf and the list goes on. Nearly eight million international tourists have visited the province since 2014 and more than 27-million South Africans have visited some part of Limpopo in the same period.

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Startup environment:

The vision of the Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism is a competitive economy within a sustainable environment. Its mission is to create and facilitate the development of a competitive economy, sustainable environment and tourism growth.

The Department’s strategic objectives are: administration – provide strategic and administrative support to four departmental programmes; economic research and planning – research and plan targeted interventions developed in identified sectors to inform policy imperatives; integrated economic development services – develop sustainable SMMEs and cooperatives in all sectors; trade and sector development – ensure industrial development, trade and investment promotion; business regulation and governance – ensure a regulated, equitable and socially responsible business environment; environmental trade and protection (environmental quality management) – ensure sustainable environmental management, utilisation and regulation of natural resources; biodiversity and natural resource management – ensure protection and sustainable natural resource management and utilisation in the province; environmental empowerment services – provide environmental empowerment support services; infrastructure management – ensure the planning, development and maintenance of infrastructure in the provincial nature reserves; tourism planning and regulation – create an enabling environment through tourism planning, policy development and regulation; tourism destination development and transformation – contribute towards sustainable tourism destination development, growth and transformation.

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Major Companies in Limpopo

Ringani Goods And Services (Pty) Ltd – Computer & Office Eqpt Suppl

Quarto Pack (Pty) Ltd – Plastic Bag Manufacturers

Bushwa Private Game Lodge – Guest House & Accommodation

Dynamic Marketing Invest Concepts (Pty) Ltd – Oil & Petroleum Products Distr

Shangri-La Country Hotel & Spa – Hotel Spa & Accommodation

Shambala Private Game Reserve – Guest House & Accommodation

Lawyers Against Abuse – MGO/Attorneys & Legal Services

Leach Printers & Signs cc – Signage & Printing Services

Great North Transport Pty Ltd – Bus & Passenger Transport Serv

Great North Distributors (Pty) Ltd – Wholesale Merchants

Eden Park Resort – Holiday Resort & Accommodation

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